Canada GIC Account Rates

A guarenteed investment certificate or GIC is a Canadian investment or savings product offered by banks that provides a customer with a fixed interest rate of return over a set period of time on a deposit balance. It is similar to a certificate of deposit in the United States or a time deposit in Asia.

Best GIC Interest Rates in Canada

Deposit Account Term APY
ING Direct Canada 1 Year GIC1 year1.35% Aug, 2014
TD Canada Trust 1 Year GIC1 year1.30% Aug, 2014
RBC 1 Year GIC1 year1.05% Aug, 2014
BMO 1 Year GIC1 year1.000% May, 2014
BMO 6 Month GIC6 month1.000% May, 2014
BMO 3 Month GIC3 month0.900% May, 2014
CIBC 1 Year GIC1 year0.900% May, 2014
Desjardins 1 Year Term Savings Account1 year0.90% May, 2014
Scotiabank 1 Year GIC1 year0.90% Aug, 2014
TD Canada Trust 6 Month GIC6 month0.85% Aug, 2014
Vancity 1 Year Term Deposit1 year0.80% May, 2014
RBC 6 Month GIC6 month0.750% Aug, 2014
TD Canada Trust 3 Month GIC3 month0.75% Aug, 2014
HSBC Canada 1 Year Term Deposit1 year0.725% May, 2014
TD Canada Trust 1 Year Term Deposit1 year0.70% Aug, 2014
RBC 3 Month GIC3 month0.650% Aug, 2014
National Bank of Canada 1 Year GIC1 year0.65% Aug, 2014