ING Canada Interest Rates

ING Canada Overview

ING Bank of Canada also branded as ING DIRECT Canada is a Canadian online retail bank. It is owned by the Dutch ING Group or  (Internationale Nederlanden Groep), an international financial services company. It is a member of the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation and like other banks is regul... read more

ING Canada Discussion Activity

  • Deposits
    Q: I'm a US citizen living in the Seattle area. I have some Canadian funds I would like to invest. Am I eligible to open a one or two year GIC account with you? If your reply is "yes", please provide a contact phone number so we can discuss further questions. Thank you. Steve

    MrTrimble from Olympia, United States
  • Tangerine 2 Year GIC - Deposits
    Q: Does ING bank have a GIC that you can make monthly or biweekly contributions until maturation AND that you cannot use until maturation?

    Maria Hicke from Victoria, Canada

ING Canada Reviews

  • I was with ING Canada until it was bought out and became Tangerine. I had to move my GIC accounts to Canadian Western Bank as their interest rates were 25$ higher than Tangerines and that made a difference in a six figure account. ING Direct used to have the best interest rates but Tangerine went lower and while still the easiest way to bank, not the most profitable. for large investments.

    Kim from Lethbridge , Alberta , Canada