States/Regions/Counties : , Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, Alberta
Canada Bank Photos

Canada Credit Unions

Provider Branch Founded Ownership
Servus Credit Union Servus Credit Union 100 1987 Local
Meridian Credit Union Meridian Credit Union 65 2005 Local
Vancity Credit Union Vancity Credit Union 57 1946 Local
Conexus Credit Union Conexus Credit Union 45 1937 Local
First West Credit Union First West Credit Union 39 1946 Local

Canada Discussion Activity

  • Canadian Western Bank - Credit
    Q: Interested in your low rate credit card. Do you service Amarillo, Texas in the U.S. or is it strictly for Canada purposes ?

    Reply Daniel from Dallas, United States
  • Bridgewater Bank - Credit
    Q: How can I contact you directly?

    Reply Renate from Niagara Falls, Canada
  • Savings
    Q: I have a regular monthly savings of 2500 CAD and want to keep it in fixed deposit in a reputed bank in Toronto Caneda so that I can earn some interest. please advise me the best available options.

    Reply A R G from India
  • HSBC Canada
    Q: Hi, we’re a physician couple looking for private (personal and business) banking solutions

    Reply Private from Cranbrook, Canada
  • Meridian Credit Union - Deposits - Meridian Credit Union 1 Year GIC
    Q: Hi I'm wondering if you get the entrusted daily or monthly on 18 month term GIC @ 2.5%

    Reply sylvia from Hamilton, Canada
  • - Deposits
    Q: Can a non-redeemable GIC be cashed in upon the death of the holder? What if there is a second person named on the account-the second person being the EPOA-holder as well as the executor?

    Reply John from Peachland, Canada
  • BMO Bank Of Montreal - Savings
    Q: what is the bonus interes on the bonus savings acct

    Reply sam from Boulder, United States
  • Bridgewater Bank - Credit
    Q: How do I contact you by phone. I am trying to get a copy of some older charge card records?

    Reply Renate from Niagara Falls, Canada
  • Desjardins - Savings - Desjardins Premium Savings Account
    Q: Can you show me a graph of interest rates for the last year or 6 months for the Premium Savings Account.Is this interest rate a short term promo. What are the conditions?

    Reply Dennis from Scarborough, Canada
  • Bridgewater Bank - Credit - Bridgewater Bank Credit Cards
    Q: In approximately 2011 I was a member of the Bridgewater Master card program through CAA in Niagara Falls,Ontario. How can I track my account information. Can you offer me some advice?| Thank you. Renate Martin

    Reply Renate from Niagara Falls, Canada
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