Ontario Interest Rates


(Rates from Banks/Providers headquarted in this city/state) Standard Chartered Canada Sun Life Financial Deutsche Bank Canada Morgan Stanley Canada Wells Fargo Canada

Rates by city/province in Canada

States/Regions/Counties : , Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, Alberta

10 banks with locations in Ontario

Bank/Company Branches Nationwide Ontario Locations
1 1400
  • 139 Rideau St Branch
  • Erb St Branch
  • Sparks & Metcalfe Branch
2 1127
  • Kilborn Ave Branch
  • Pretoria Branch
  • Riverside Drive Branch
3 1000
  • Bank & Gloucester Branch
  • Ottawa Main Branch
  • Rideau & William Branch
4 900
  • Dundas & Spadina - New Chinatown Branch
  • Greenbank & Bellman Branch
  • Queen & Portland
5 897
  • Caisse populaire Trillium Saint-Laurent Branch
6 155
  • Ottawa Branch
7 140
  • Kanata Branch
  • Kingston Branch
  • Ottawa Branch
8 7
  • Walpole Island Branch
9 2
  • CFF Bank Head Office
10 Branchless
  • Corporate Head Office
  • London Lending Office
  • Waterloo Lending Office

Discussion in Ontario, Canada

  • provider - Canada - Deposits - Canadian Western Bank
    Q: I recently had a 2 year GIC purchased from your bank to be deposited into my TFSA at BMO. However, I now note your details about no monthly interest and the 0.25% deduction if it is not deposited into a CWB account. My intention was to let all interest accumulate until the bond comes due. If this is the case, am I still losing 0.25% interest on this GIC? I am afraid I do not understand if this rate reduction applies in this case. Please explain. Thank you. Carole Chadwick

    Carole from Kitchener, Canada
  • provider - Canada - Savings -
    Q: What are your gic rates. 4 year closed Thanks

    Berni from Toronto, Canada
  • provider - Panama - - Banistmo
    Q: Does your bank offer Canadian s home loans? I am interested in purchasing a condo in Coronado Panama

    Scott from Toronto, Canada
  • provider - Canada - Deposits - Canadian Western Bank
    Q: I am interested in recommending my investors/savers to purchase CWB GIC's. Can you let me know what needs to be done to become a CWB deposit broker? thks. gm

    Gino from Toronto, Canada
  • provider - Argentina - Deposits - ICBC Argentina
    Q: Hello . I would like to deposit some money at your ICBC Argentina location on the 1 yesr term deposit at 33% . How do I go about doing that ? Thanks, Ken Piche .

    Ken from Greater Sudbury, Canada
  • provider - Canada - Deposits - Canadian Western Bank
    Q: Are funds deposited in a GIC with CWB covered by the FDIC?

    leonard from Toronto, Canada
  • provider - Turkey - Deposits -
    Q: Hi. I'm looking to purchase a property in Turkey and would like to open an account in the bank, plus I also want to deposit around 50000 GBP to earn interest on it. Please guide how much return will be on this deposit. Thanks

    Sal from Milton, Canada
  • providerAsia - - Investing -
    Q: Hi I came across your site and know what foreign deposits are but what are the investing rates and the interest rate stated are they what your earn? Just wanted some clarification.

    Paul from Brampton, Canada
  • provider - Venezuela - Savings - Banesco
    Q: Hello, I am a Canadian citizen living Canada. Is it possible for me to open an online savings account at Banesco Bank in Venezuela and earn 16% interest?

    Paul Arnold from London, Canada
    • R: After exchange rates in and out expenses of close to 5% your looking at a gain in currency of 11% Now Venezuela has inflation of 159% so even if they were paying 100% and the currency doubled over the year, you would still be loosing 59% of value so by the time you get back to your money, it will be worth so much less,

      Reply1 andy
  • provider - South Africa - - HSBC Africa
    Q: What is the present rating for your bank (by Fitch/Moodys/Spoor). Thanks.

    PRAKASH from Ottawa, Canada
  • provider - Canada - - RBC Royal Bank
    Q: I want to earn more interest without locking in my money what account should I open?

    Effie from Scarborough, Canada
  • providerSouth America - - Deposits -
    Q: I live in Toronto Canada. Want to open a savings account in Argentina for 1 yr. how do you do it? The procedure? Should I go through the Argentina Embassy in Toronto?

    Adugna from Scarborough, Canada
    • R: The interest rate may be high, but that inflation is crazy and it could easily go much higher within one year and potentially leave you with a loss at the end of one year. You still have to get your money out of the country at the end of the day. :-)

      Reply1 den
  • provider - Sri Lanka - Deposits -
    Q: I have a renewable one year fixed deposit interest paid monthly.Do I have to declare income for the year 2016/17? What is the present rate of interest?

    thampu from Scarborough, Canada
  • provider - Canada - Deposits - TD Canada Trust
    Q: info on the 3-year Security GIC Plus plan that earns up to 8.88%

    ROBERT COFFEY from Toronto, Canada
  • provider - - -
    Q: Hi Nahla, HSBC offers 5.25% for example. 100000X5.25=525000 then 525000/100=5250 then 525000/12= 43750 amonth

    Jay from Toronto, Canada
    • R: Calculations are all wrong, 100,000 TL on 5.25% will make 5,250 TL a year. Which is 437.50 TL a month.

      Reply1 Tarik
    • R: Your sums are wrong mate. I have 245000 in and get 1600 at 9 % per month

      Reply1 martin
  • provider - Germany - Savings -
    Q: Is the ING DiBa Euro Savings Account available for institutional investors or is it for private investors only and is it available for investors outside the European Union? Many thanks

    Keith from Toronto, Canada
  • provider - Canada - Deposits - CIBC
    Q: Can you make weekly deposits into a Gic account?

    Barb from Penetanguishene, Canada
  • provider - Sri Lanka - - Peoples Bank Sri Lanka
    Q: how can I use banking facility?

    D.S. RONALD from Scarborough, Canada
  • provider - - Deposits -
    Q: which financial institution currently giving highest fixed/term deposit rate - in the world, and I can earn maximum earnings - which country ? which institution ? - so that I can open a fixed/term deposit account in U.S or Canadian dollar. Please. thanks.

    Baquie Ghazi from Toronto, Canada
  • provider - Canada - Loans - Meridian Credit Union
    Q: What are the fees if any for an application? What is the effective number of day of a rate offered? Is membership to the credit union required to borrow?

    Mark from Milton, Canada
  • provider - Canada - Deposits - Versa Bank
    Q: How do we purchase the 3 month GIC at 1.15%? Thank you

    Toba Cooper from North York, Canada
  • provider - Canada - Deposits - BMO Bank Of Montreal
    Q: Is it cashable?

    Imtiaz Begum from Mississauga, Canada
  • provider - Pakistan - Deposits - Habib Bank
    Q: i want to invest 1 lakh rupees in fix deposit account for one year term .could you please tell me how much money in rupees I will get as interst every month

    rukhsana from Toronto, Canada
    • R: hbl has different investment rates and keep changing but the best option is to get 1 year roll over it will automatically reinvest for you and you get the profit every year or even if you go for the monthly the rate will be a bit low.

      Reply1 habib
      • R: Sir what is the monthly profit ratio for 10000000

        Reply1 Saqib
  • provider - Canada - - TD Canada Trust
    Q: what is the interest rates of a saving account

    Ryan Peeters from Indian River, Canada
    • R: what is the interest rates of a saving account

      Reply1 Frank
  • provider - United States - - Fifth Third Bank
    Q: What is the interest on Fifth Third money market savings account?

    Albert Pacheco from Ottawa, Canada
  • provider - Canada - - Meridian Credit Union
    Q: Can you give me the fees for Meridian Mutual funds?

    George from Toronto, Canada
  • provider - United States - Deposits - Edward Jones
    Q: can you receive interest from a certificate of deposit each month and deposited into any checking account and are your FDIC insured

    steve glenn from Ottawa, Canada
  • provider - - -
    Q: what is the interest rates of a saving account

    Frank from Markham, Canada
  • provider - United States - Deposits - Edward Jones
    Q: What is the best rate on a 3 month CD with a $200,000 deposit?

    Shirley from Ottawa, Canada
  • provider - United States - Deposits - Fidelity
    Q: I would like to open a one year CD. My zip code is 91765. where is your nearest office.

    Gloria from Ottawa, Canada
  • provider - Canada - - RBC Royal Bank
    Q: i would like to know the Royal Bank Prime Rate of interest fluctuations

    Adam from Etobicoke, Canada
  • provider - Canada - - Servus Credit Union
    Q: Do you have a US dollar savings account that pays a decent interest rate. I have about $10 thousand US. Thank-you

    kelly from Milton, Canada
  • provider - Canada - Loans -
    Q: I’m currently with RBC bank, looking for a home improvement loan and it looks like TD has the better rate .... whats involved with going to another/different bank to get a loan?

    Steve from Cambridge, Canada
  • provider - Taiwan - - Chang Hwa Bank
    Q: how about your CD RATES?

    ben chen from Ottawa, Canada
  • provider - Canada - Loans -
    Q: What are your loan rates, on consolidation loans?

    Myrna from London, Canada
  • provider - Syria - - BBSF Bank

    JOE from Ottawa, Canada
  • provider - Canada - Loans - RBC Royal Bank
    Q: Interest for a 3 year car loan

    DANIEL L from Chatham, Canada
  • provider - Canada - Credit - Bridgewater Bank
    Q: In approximately 2011 I was a member of the Bridgewater Master card program through CAA in Niagara Falls,Ontario. How can I track my account information. Can you offer me some advice?| Thank you. Renate Martin

    Renate from Niagara Falls, Canada
  • provider - Canada - Savings - Desjardins
    Q: Can you show me a graph of interest rates for the last year or 6 months for the Premium Savings Account.Is this interest rate a short term promo. What are the conditions?

    Dennis from Scarborough, Canada
  • provider - Canada - Credit - Bridgewater Bank
    Q: How do I contact you by phone. I am trying to get a copy of some older charge card records?

    Renate from Niagara Falls, Canada
  • provider - Jamaica - Deposits - National Commercial Bank Jamaica
    Q: I would like some information about the max account.

    BLOSSSETT from Niagara Falls, Canada
  • provider - - -
    Q: I have a rrsp gic thing from my last job. Is there any loopholes to gain access to that money? I'm very in debt and could be financially ok again if I could even get half of what I have in it.

    April from Kitchener, Canada
  • provider - Canada - Deposits - Meridian Credit Union
    Q: Hi I'm wondering if you get the entrusted daily or monthly on 18 month term GIC @ 2.5%

    sylvia from Hamilton, Canada
  • provider - Canada - Credit - Bridgewater Bank
    Q: How can I contact you directly?

    Renate from Niagara Falls, Canada
  • provider - United Kingdom - - HSBC UK
    Q: I am inquiring after the exchange/redemption of high valued foreign assets at HSBC. Would you be able to help guide me to the right personal please? I suspect this would be a wealth manager that may be aware of the assets I hold. I look forward to your hasty response. Respectfully, Kz

    Kz from Toronto, Canada
  • provider - United States - Deposits - Vanguard Group
    Q: What is the maximum that can be invested? Are they FDIC insured?

    John from Ottawa, Canada
    • R: According to their website, "CDs offered by Vanguard Brokerage are FDIC-insured up to certain limits." And I have seen some cd terms up to 10 years. Hope that helps!

      Reply1 Alex
  • provider - United Arab Emirates - - Dubai Islamic Bank
    Q: I need the SWIFT CODE and IBAN for the Salah Al Din Branch, and the address, so I can do a wire transfer to one of your clients at that branch. thank you

    frank from Ottawa, Canada
  • provider - United States - Deposits - Vanguard Group
    Q: To buy 50 k of 90 day cd's what need I do, and can it be done by phone

    Anthony from Ottawa, Canada
  • provider - United States - Deposits - Edward Jones
    Q: What is the rate on a 3 month CD?

    Pablo from Ottawa, Canada
  • provider - Canada - Loans -
    Q: Just a question What is the interest and monthly payment on a 5000. dollar loan for car repairs

    Mike from Thunder Bay, Canada
  • provider - South Africa - - Citibank South Africa
    Q: I need to know the address of the Citibank in Cape Town. I’ve lost my card here and need another one

    Claudia from Mississauga, Canada
  • provider - Hungary - - Kereskedelmi Es Hitelbank
    Q: What interest rate do you pay on a 1 000 000 Ft plus deposit and what are the fees for maintaining a savings account? Thank you

    Laszlo from Oshawa, Canada